Best practice for updating Windows Agent


I was wondering if there is a common best practice for updating the Windows Icinga Client. When using the installer package I can update the agent before the configuration wizard is fired again (which I do not want to use because a configuration already exists). But what if I wanted to also update the bundled NSClient++ (or change settings regarding the additional check engines)? How do you do this normally?


the configuration wizard can be ticked off at the end of the setup routine. Neither will you be presented with the main window again, instead this is a smaller version which says it is running, and you optionally can reconfigure it with a click on a button.

The bundled msi for NSClient++ is copied into the sbin directory, so you can just run it from there in your Windows explorer for instance.

In terms of doing that via setup GUI, that’s a good idea. Please open an issue on GitHub for this feature request.


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Many thanks for the clarification, Michael!

As for adding a GUI element I will open a Github issue.