Because the host/port attributes are missing

debug.log (6.1 KB) icinga2.conf (3.2 KB) icinga2.log (9.0 KB)

icinga agent 2.10.5

in debug log we see line saying

" …Not connecting to Endpoint ‘icinga-satellite-emea3.domain’ because the host/port attributes are missing."

but 5 lines down we see line saying
“…Connected endpoints: icinga-satellite-emea3.domain (1) and icinga-satellite-emea4.domain (1)”
and we also see that host is sending and recieving information from satellites

we also see the information into the director correctly

so if we are connected and sending & recieveing information from hosts, why do we also get “… not connecting …” error message

in attachment

This stems from the Icinga connection logic. You can have your top systems (e.g. master) actively connect to your bottom systems (e.g. agents) or vice versa. You can even have both connection directions and and let Icinga chose which one to actually use.

You are configuring which one is connecting to which be adding or removing the host and port option from the endpoint object.

The log line you’re seeing is no error it just means “I’m not connecting actively but I’m okay with the other host connecting to me”.

what’s the difference between “debug/ApiListener” and “notice/ApiListener” at the beginning of a line?

That’s the error level. Icinga tell’s you, how much of an impact the thing that this message is about has.

e.g.: debug are things you don’t normally want to know. There’s no errors with this label. Just information if you want to really dig deep into what Icinga is doing. On the other hand notice are things that just happen during normal operation which might be interesting but normally you don’t need to do anything.

You can use these errorlevels just like in any other application to filter for the logs you are really interested in. Maybe during normal operation you are only interested in critical and warning. Or you want to see all including debug while hunting for a bug.