Bandwidth for servers

Hi all,

I would like to do bandwidth check of all the hosts from icinga server to the destination server and viceversa. how can i do it in abest way?

Do you really want to periodically saturate the network between the icinga server and the destination servers? This sounds possibly quite invasive to normal operations of the monitoring and other services in your network.


yes we would need to monitor throughput from server B to server A.

Do you want to measure the throughput that happens naturally or do you want to generate network traffic and want to see what maximum throughput bandwidth you can archive?

I wanted to measure throughout naturally . So i have installed iperf on icinga and also on the remote host and when i do manually it works, but not sure how to do this via icinga

I would try check_iperf3 - Nagios Exchange but iperf is generating traffic to measure bandwidth so be careful not to hinder normal operations!
Maybe limit the maximum bandwidth usage of iperf but this will result in you only see bandwidth dips as you will filter out peak bandwidth.

when i use the above plugin i get the below error.

Bareword “Types::Serialiser::Error::” refers to nonexistent package at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/Types/ line 136.
Bareword “Types::Serialiser::Error::” refers to nonexistent package at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/Types/ line 147.

Sorry, I’m not very well versed in Perl. Do you have a wrong version or missing dependency?

no i have installed dependencies

i have a script running on remote hosts, i want to add it on director inorder to monitor it how can i do in best way

You have a couple of options.

  • Add host and/or service object via director and add calls to the icinga2 REST API to your script to directly feed internal states into the monitoring
  • Start your script via check_by_ssh and make sure that your script produces icinga/nagios compatible exitcode and messages on stdout
  • Monitor the log that your script generates or the scheduled task

Without details it’s hard to say, which option works best but please create a new thread as this sounds like a different topic :wink:

Hi , I have some linux hosts and there are scripts configured on the remote linux hosts. I wanted this script to be monitored from icinga director. I tried with check_by_ssh but in this case the script is located on remote hosts under /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ How to monitor this?

Also from the previous posts By_ssh command argument missing in Director , I tried to add by_ssh_command from define fileds. Unfortunately its not reflecting from when i go to fields option.