AWS Module Issue

I have the AWS module successfully configured and importing EC2 instances. However it seems to only import once and then never actually updates the data from AWS even though the sync and jobs are scheduled and running.

In particular an EC2 instance has been deleted in AWS it no longer exists. It still shows on the dashboard and if I delete it from the hosts Icinga recreates it the next time the sync job updates. The preview of the sync still shows that EC2 instance in the import.

How do I get the AWS module to actually go back to AWS and refresh the data?

After reading, re-reading and reading between the lines I have figures this out.
This required 3 seperate jobs;

  1. Import (pulls in the manifest from AWS)
  2. Sync (corelates the changes within Icinga
  3. Deploy (Deploys the changes to Icinga)

Import Job

Sync Job

Deploy Job

Job List