Automatically truncate icinga2.log?

Hi everyone,

does anyone know whether there’s a switch, option or the like during the installation of Icinga2 on either a Linux or Windows device to automatically truncate the icinga2.log? So that e.g. log entries older than 28 days are deleted from the logfile.
I’d like to do that centrally and not on a per server basis, so as to have a standard setting across all devices. Right now, we have some servers with multiple 100s of MB for their log.

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Sorry, I don’t think so.

An Linux there is log rotate for this and gets normally set up by the package.
On windows I think, Icinga is switching to eventlog or what ever is the name of the windows logging facility.

Hi Dominik, thank you for your reply. Where’d you get the info that the logging for IfW will be changed to the built in eventlog? That would definitely help as you can configure a maximum size for that one.

I subscribed to issues and stuff on GitHub.


Thanks a bunch for the links, I also subscribed to the mentioned Issues and will follow them closely.

The Icinga Agent on Windows logs into the eventlog instead of the log file by default since v2.13.0

But I would suggest to update to at least v2.13.5 to not spam the eventlog with messages on every config reload:

(don’t forget that the master/parents of the agents have to be on at least the same version as the agents)

Additionally to follwing some issues I am watching the Icinga2/Icinga Web2/… repos for releases

This way you get notified via email once a new release is pushed.