Auto discovery

could i integrate auto discovery with icinga2 web ?


Can you elaborate on what you want to accomplish ?

Integrating an auto discovery to the web interface is not what you need, you may want to integrate something with the API, as the Web is “just” a presentation of what Icinga is storing in the database.
So you may want to write to the “engine” and then it will propagate that to the DB and from there the web will read and present it to you.


Icinga2 has no built in auto discovery for hosts or services.

But you can use external tools and scripts to discover what you want - several open source or commercial tools are available.

Use discovery result (output depends on tool) to create config files with helper scripts or fill a database.
Config files can be directly loaded into Icinga2, the more elegant way is use Icinga Director to import
data from DB and create hosts, services,… as you need.

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