Auto Discovery of Network Devices in Icinga2 | Topology based alert supression

Hi Community,

I am trying to develop Icinga2 as a core network monitoring tool, being the core monitoring tool below items are must to have, but I am new to this tool and could not get the right documentation on the same and also not sure if this could be achieved. Please let me know if anyone have any leads -

a. Network Auto Discovery
b. Topology based auto correlation (Parent-Child relationship) of alerts and suppression.
c. Topology Maps (Device to Device mapping).

Hi Community, In addition to above question, if that’s not available as of now, could you please suggest how we can achieve same requirement using other workarounds? What I understood while working on icinga from last 2-3 weeks is L2-L3 connections are not discoverable as of now, could you please suggest any open source tools who can discover L2-L3 connection relationship. Later we can re-use this relationship for topology mapping.