Attempting to apply a backup downtime for a single host's load service

Having trouble figuring out how to apply a single downtime to a “load” service that’s applied via an apply rule.

apply Service "load" {
    import "generic-service"

    check_command = "load"

   /*/ How can I apply the line the downtime to just a single host ?* 
   vars.backup_downtime = "01:00-02:00"

    assign where host.vars.os == "Ubuntu"


by downtime, you mean a one shot runtime downtime, or should this be recurring at a specific time?

The latter needs a more fine granular assign where expression in the ScheduledDowntime apply rule, something like `assign where service.vars.backup_downtime != “” && = “…” && == “load”. Or you’ll just write it as object.

object ScheduledDowntime "..." {
  host_name = "...your host object name"
  service_name = "load"