Assign dynamically an endpoint to some hosts


Icinga Web 2 Version 2.11.4
director 1.10.2

I need to deploy satellites on every physical site we have in our company and assign them to each sites’s servers.
The servers and satellite will share a same string that identifies the site.
Is it possible to assign dynamically an endpoint to hosts or a hostgroup (considering the hosts already are sorted with hostgroups)

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No, this cannot be achieved with icinga. This is a job for tools like Ansible, Chef, Saltstack etc.

What do you mean by dynamically?

Servers are quite static and your post didn’t sound to me like your servers will switch sites and need to dynamically connect to other satellites. So I guess at install time of Icinga is good enough. You can whip up a quick script to automate the setup parameters according to your rule, where you can construct the satellite according to the hostname of the server or you can do it in a config management tool like Ansible as @rsx suggested.

If you mean in the Icinga config then it depends on your host templates. I use the director and it does it quite well. Most of the check run directly on the Icinga agent on the target and for others I can define the zone to use as a endpoint. In the director you can put in some logic and make it dynamic with apply rules.