Asking for advice. InfluxDB or Graphite


I have managed to have running Icinga2 for our servers.

Next step is to persist the data for further analysis.

After reading the documentation and googling around I have reached the conclusion that I want to use InfluxDB or Graphite-Carbon.

It seems that InfluxDB is more “powerful” but also more complex to deploy and manage while Graphite has some limitations but has a simpler configuration and management needs.

I will like to know your opinion about which one is best to use.

Thanks in advance!!

Javier Vilarroig

More than 2 years ago we asked our self the same question, decided to go with InfluxDB and are still happy with it. We ran throw many comments and installation instructions and came to the conclusion, InfluxDB is easier to install and has a smaller and modern footprint. But these are just our minds.

Hi Roland.

Thanks for your answer.

I have been expending some time the last days looking at that topic. I basically I have reached the same conclusion.

InfluxDB is easier to install , manage and to use.

So I will go for InfluxDB.

It’s reassuring to see that someone else has reached similar conclusions.

Thanks again
Javier Vilarroig