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This is our Ask Me Anything thread!

So, a while back we had a poll on Twitter where we asked whether you would be interested in an “ask me anything” - AMA in short. The answers were pretty positive, so that’s what’s happening now!

I will collect all of your questions for a week and then after the week is over I’ll see to it that the questions reach the people that can answer this. Finally, we’ll compile them all together in a video that will be postet here as well :slight_smile:

So you can ask any question that you like here, be it about something technical, or about our organisation, the way we plan stuff, or something personal - even though we also reserve the right to not answer all questions :wink:

Feedback is of course also appreciated, even if it’s not a question. Our devs always love to hear that things are good and working opposed to the usual “this is broken” in the bug reports!

So from today, Monday the 11th October 2021 until Sunday feel free and encouraged to comment in this topic and let us know what you want to know!

Are there new further information about the icinga DB (and of course a working demo) at the osmc this year or it boils down to this video again OSMC 2019 | Current State of Icinga by Bernd Erk - YouTube :joy:

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What’s the easiest way to make monetary contributions to the project (personal or corporate monies)? Sometimes I like to donate :slight_smile:


Icinga Web 2:
Why is it that notifications, that were not sent out to any contact are still shown on the host/service overview page in the “Notification section”?
History of service:
Overview page:

Icinga2 Core:
What is the reason behind “abandoning” the possibility to have more than 2 endpoints per zone?

For all the non-attendees of the OSMC: Any info/sneak peak about the current state :)?


There are 4 questions I want to ask:

The first one is about the icinga Director and dictionaries: Will it be possible to set different thresholds to, for example, disks in the host configuration like /var/log Warning 5% Critical 2% or / Warning 15% Critical 10% ?

The next one is about NoMa 2: Is there a roadmap for the Notification Manager?

Another very interesting thing is about the x509 Module, I really like the module but in a distributed setup it is not so easy. I want to monitor certificates in different networks through a satellite. I could install the module on the satellite, but then I need a connection to the central database which is not possible in my setup. So it would be amazing to tunnel the module in the icinga-traffic, is something planned or is there a solution for managing x509 in a distributed setup?

And then there is same question with the vSphere DB and the x509 Module.

Thanks a lot

look here: Distributed Monitoring - Icinga 2 and the linkes issue [ #10435] checks start "lagging" when more than two endpoints in a zone · Issue #3533 · Icinga/icinga2 · GitHub. If I remember correctly to the training and an explanation from @twidhalm at a meetup it has something to do with the Config Sync, Performance etc. But it is a long time ago when I heard it. Maybe there are new information. I’m curios also

The problem was more or less in routing of communication from what I was told like sending a result to the other node is easy in a two node setup but in a three node setup you need to know which node the information already has and which one still needs it and this is something that failed with the current implementation. And it was not trivial to fix (and not breaking anything else) so the cluster support was limited to two nodes per zone as a workaround.
So the obvious question is will this issue be tackled some time in the near future (after IcingaDB), far future (after other planned items) or never? :wink:


thanks for the ask me anything! It’s been a while since I had a deeper dive into Icinga, but I tried to follow development where possible.

Icinga for Windows

Icinga for Windows is the default and official supported solution for monitoring Windows environments and tools.

  • Does this mean there will be no further development in Icinga 2 except for the Windows agent part? Are the Windows plugins considered to be deprecated?

  • I don’t want Icinga for Windows and it’s dependencies on my systems since I want to keep the systems as minimal as possible. I only need the Icinga agent and the plugins. Are there plans to provide the PowerShell plugins as standalone, so one can use the plugins without the framework stuff?

  • Currently one needs a hack to run PowerShell plugins. Are there plans to support this out of the box?

Icinga Vagrant Boxes

  • The last update to these demo environments is ~ one year old. Will they be updated in the future to show new products like IcingaDB?

Contributor Agreement

  • Why one needs to sign a CLA now?

  • Why was there no clear communication? No announcement in the blog, via email or here.

  • If one don’t want to sign the CLA what happens?

  • Are past contributors required to sign the CLA as well for previous contributions? What if one declines to sign?

Best regards


It isn’t very important, but you want me to ask every question:
The community is a very good idea, but…
When i open a new theme like icinga2:

I get at first 9!!! pinned topics. I have to scroll down, then i see the customer topics. I think it’s a bad idea to pin so many topics, imo it’s were be better ONE topic “Read First” or whatever, that could be pinned and i could read the very newer topics much more faster… Everytime i open the Theme i get the same 9 pinned topics… you know?
I like IT, because it make some things faster… so i don’t like laborious things like to much text i must see before i see newer interesting things :wink:

Under Your User > Preferences > Interface is the option “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.”. This is what I use to get rid of the pinned topics after I have read them.

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Are developers thinking about implementing an active “push” model for the Icinga agent installed on the monitored clients?

By the “push” model, I mean the client will run the checks on the hosts at a defined interval, send an update only if there is a change in the state… similar to Hobbit / Xymon.

Sending updates only when there is a change sounds to me like an ideal
opportunity to remain ignorant of things when there is a network problem.

I would far prefer to get the results of checks, both good and bad, so I have
a chance of noticing “hm, nothing for 15 minutes, what’s up?”
#top-down-config-sync also explains how close Icinga2 already comes to this
model: “The satellites run their own local scheduler and will send the check
result messages back to the master.”


Hi Feu,
here are my questions:

  • What are you going to do against the HA-functionality of the Core on the one side and the absolutely not available HA-functionality of Icingaweb and all the modules (+ background services), which are maintained by netways (jira, x509 and so on) ?
  • Who will maintain the modules in future? It looks like in some projects, only @tgelf is working on them
  • When will IcingaDB leave the RC status and are you going to give us the possibility of migration ?
  • Will all the modules (jira, reporting, vcenter-db, grafana etc) be compatible with the new monitoring module for IcingaDB?
  • Will eventhandler be visible in Icingaweb2 and will they be a part of notifications anytime? Currently, they are not
  • NoMa2: Is this still a thing? Beside of the Youtube video, I haven’t seen anything about it
  • Icinga for windows / Icinga with agent: Are there any ideas to change the current dependency of needing a dedicated endpoint + dedicated zone for a “client”, which runs an agent? Compared to “check_by_wmi”, “check_by_ssh” , “check_by_powershell” or also NSClient++, it is frustrating, what we have to configure to use the agent.
  • Contributor Agreement: Ähm what? I missed this part totally and add all the questions of @mcktr , too!



With the AMA week coming to an end last night, we’re excited to be answering and reviewing all your questions this week! This thread is now closed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in contact with us if you have any questions - feel free to do so today and every day :slight_smile:
Message us on our social media channels, via the contact form on our website or here the community forum. We hope you know that we’re here for you! :slight_smile:

The first video is up, where our CPO @bsheqa is answering all questions about Project Icinga!


I almost forgot to post my own update here :slight_smile:
My answeres to the community type questions for you!


One more video is up, this time from Eric!


Good there are subtitles and I can turn the volume up to 64 at my pc soundbar :sweat_smile: (normally is +4 for Web-Radio enough) because the videos are very very quiet. Especially the last one with Eric

Oh, I’ll check that out - thanks!
I’m not really too experienced with actually making vids for youtube :slight_smile:

Edit: you are absolutely correct! It doesn’t seem like I can increase the video after it has already been uploaded and if I reupload it the URL will change…
Any youtube veterans here with a good tip on how to fix that?

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Will there be another video? 4 of my questions were not answered unfortunately