Ask about Icinga2 Advanced Modules

Hello everyone.
I would like to know that "Are Icinga2 Advanced Modules free or we need buy subscription.
Thank you much,

Hi and welcome.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Icinga 2 Advanced Modules”.
If you refer to the add-on modules for Icinga Web 2, like the Icinga Director, the Cube module or the vspheredb module, those are free. Just like Icinga 2 itself.

You can find the official modules (and more Icinga 2 related development information) here:

The only subscription you can get is for professional support by a Icinga partner

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I mean this

What you are looking at there are professional support options (Starter, Basic, Premium, Enterprise).
The software (and the modules) themselves are free. You only pay for the professional support.

The table states that you can choose one “advanced module” to have support for with the “Premium” model.

What modules exactly fall under the “advanced” category I can’t tell you.

Maybe someone from the Icinga team can, @theFeu maybe you can help out here? :slight_smile:

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I got it.
Thank you much.

I see that you basically figured everything out already :slight_smile:
Which modules (or rather which module at the moment) count as ‘advanced’ is listed on the subscription page as well :slight_smile:
As of now, that would only be the “Icinga Module for vSphere®”

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