API manual Config Changes (for hosts)


Basically we have 2 ways we do our configs. We have the way where we go into the config files directly through /etc/icinga2/conf.d/hosts

and another way which when uploading a host file through the API and it goes into a seperate hosts folder that the api generates.

I then run icinga2 daemon -C and then a /etc/init.d/icinga2 restart in order to get the configs to sync to the satellite.

Now… my question. is there a way to manually update the host config that is made from the API and then sync the changes across because I have tried this but it doesn’t appear to work. Once I have done this, I have gone onto the satellite server and ran a icinga2 daemon -C and a restart to see if the changes work but they dont appear to apply. I’m not sure if you can actually manually edit the files that are made by the API and then sync them over to the satellites.

Everything seems to work fine for the changes that are done in /etc/icinga2/conf.d/hosts but i’m just having issues when trying to manually edit the ones made in the API folders (Not sure if they need to also be updated through curl requests/API commands?)

Any help is appreciated!