API - http compression

Hey guys,
I would like to ask if there is a way how to enable some http compression (gzip or deflate) on API listening usually on 5665. I talk to API by curl regularly and it generates a lot of traffic.


no, compression is not supported. There are currently no plans to change this.

What exactly is causing high traffic in your requests? You might want to share them, and look into fetching smaller attribute result sets.


Yes, that what I already did. I was just thinking that the response could be even smaller. Never mind, it’s fine now.

Thanks for response!

aNag displays that hint when testing a configuration accessing an icinga 2 API and even refers to a misleading web page that sugests enabling mod_deflat in apache. But, in icinga2, you’re directly talking to icinga and not to apache.

That’s at least how I found this thread.