API- get Downtime end


I want to get a message 30 minutes before a downtime ends.
Is it possible to get the downtime end with an API call?

Hi @derSven

you can query v1/objects/downtimes for this.

curl -k -s -u user:password 'https://<servername>:5665/v1/objects/downtimes' -X POST -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'X-HTTP-Method-Override: GET' -d '{"attrs" : ["end_time"]}'

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i’ve got the same question. After queries the API with the curl, i always become this return message:

{“error”:404.0,“status”:“No objects found.”}

If I query my hosts with the filter “host.downtime_depth != 0”, I’ll retrieve the hosts as expected.

The /downtimes object is still not well documentated as I see. :frowning:

Any Ideas?

Hey @Toby

does your API user have the correct permissions?
permissions = [ "objects/query/Downtime" ]

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Hey @ritzgu
I added the permission, but that does not solve the Problem.
The response is still “no objects found” but in the web ui are active downtimes

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What version of icinga2 are you using? (I’m on r2.12.3-1)

The following works just fine for me:

ApiUser config:

object ApiUser "test" {
  password = "***************"
  permissions = [ "objects/query/Downtime" ]


curl -k -s -u test:*************** 'https://localhost:5665/v1/objects/downtimes?pretty=1' -X POST -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'X-HTTP-Method-Override: GET' -d '{"attrs" : ["end_


    "results": [
            "attrs": {
                "end_time": 1622363375.0
            "joins": {},
            "meta": {},
            "name": "hostname!servicename!<GUID>",
            "type": "Downtime"

Hey @ritzgu
I am on r2.8.2.

Hey @ritzgu,

I tried it again and got the expected response. :smiley:

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Nice! Keep in mind that r2.8.2 is already three years old! :slight_smile:

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