Ansible with Icinga Director 1.10.x - t_systems_mms.icinga_director

Looking att blogposts, docs and the t_systems_mms.icinga_director project I was thrilled to start automate my fresh install of a single master. I have allready got my bootstrapping of icinga2, icingaweb2, director, icingadb and the dependencis needed - with ansible, works great.

When I try to use the t_systems_mms.icinga_director collection to declare basic structure for service/host templated I got stuck. I used the docs and can use curl to create stuff and deploy to director but when using the collection with ansible it fails. First question, is the t_systems_mms.icinga_director collectiion compatible with director 1.10.x?

As far as I can see they has an issue regarding director after upgrading from 1.8 to 1.10 Error when modifying service apply rules after director update 1.8 > 1.10 · Issue #190 · T-Systems-MMS/ansible-collection-icinga-director · GitHub

I hope some of you have experience of this matter, thank you.

Could you post your ansible code? it would be easier to debug.

First question, is the t_systems_mms.icinga_director collectiion compatible with director 1.10.x

Yes, mostly, except for the issue you linked. :slight_smile:

I use examples from the git repo: ansible-collection-icinga-director/icinga_service_template.yml at master · T-Systems-MMS/ansible-collection-icinga-director · GitHub

Ok, great news, what is the bare minimum for ex creating a base service template running ansible from my laptop? Using hosts: localhost exits with fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “msg”: “bad return code while creating: 404. Error message: HTTP Error 404: Not Found”} using an inventory file with my icingaweb2 server does the same. I assume its me not understand how to use the collection :slight_smile:

I did some more testing, got it to work creating a basic service template (had missed that I had to use the full url to icingaweb2 included, ex, added one more task to apply the changes to director, got an error module not excists, then I noticed the latest realese, 1.33.0 (used 1.32.2 before) updated to latest, then the icinga deploy module started to work! Great! I have to do some more extended testing but it looks like it works now :slight_smile: Is it possible to read about changes included when new versions of the collection is realesed?

Go to the git repo and watch for releases. Then you will get notified if a new release is pushed:

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