Ansible Role for icinga2

For all who deal with automation on an sensitive basis …
I have been writing on an icinga2 for some time now.
It currently supports the installation of a master and satellites.
Configurations are by and large completely created - at least in the context where I (and my customers) use this role.
Support of plugins like graphite, influx and others is planned for some time, I don’t need it at the moment :slight_smile:

Have a look and yell around:


Hello Bodo
Thank you for this role.

I dont’ know if you are aware of the ansible role that is developed officially by Icinga ( ).

Do you believe the two projects can be merged ?


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I looked at the official role years ago.
Back then, there was little more than a README. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile my role can do much more.

But it makes a lot of sense to combine them.

I will take the blame on the lack of progress as I am the maintainer, and IRL takes too much so the progress is slow.

I cloned your repo and working on testing it, so will gladly merge (with approval ) once it will pass my tests ( I am pedantic in that aspect ).

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I get that.
I (and my customers) need some features very promptly. That’s probably why I started to build my repository.
And I also (theoretically) support Arch-Linux, which is not considered in many Ansible roles. (In my opinion wrongly.)

And if I can get involved in any way… I’d like to offer my help.
However, I will currently continue to maintain my own role.
There are too many projects attached to it at the moment.
(And I think I am a bit faster with the implementation of new things :wink: )

No argument in that aspect.
I will do the tests and then work on merging, if you are already following that project’ i’d be happy if you can push your code into it as you are developing, I can share with you the Roadmap for the modules (can also be covered in the upcoming online meeting )