Ansible Icinga Director Deploy - t_systems_mms.icinga_director

Hello All!

Ive been using the new Icinga Collection for Ansible (F Amazing guys!)

The one thing im lacking or having trouble finding is a way to kick off a Director Deploy.

Im using your new Ansible Collection for 100% of my Icinga tasks EXCEPT for the actual Director Deploy

Right now im forced to use something like this

(The var director_url_deploy references this url “…/director/config/deploy”)

- name: Deploy Changes in Icinga Director
  tags: uri
    validate_certs: no
    url: "{{ director_url_deploy }}"
      Accept: application/json
    method: POST
    user: "{{ icinga_username }}"
    password: "{{ icinga_password }}"
    return_content: true
  retries: 3
  delay: 5
  register: deploy_result
  until: deploy_result is not failed

I scoured the docs for the new collections, but couldn’t find a way to kick off a deploy.

Am i missing something stupid?


Hi L5D4me,

Unfortunately, the t_systems_mms.icinga_director module pushes the host only in Icinga Directory. There is no way to deploy the changes automatically through ansible script.

But you can create automatic jobs which will deploy your changes!