Ansible Icinga Collection (Agent, Plugins, Director and more)


In the last couple of weeks we’ve developed a Ansible Icinga Collection to combine all our Ansible based Icinga roles / collections into one package, so you only have to include one source.

Currently this collection contains:

  1. A role to manage the installation for your Icinga agents

  2. A role to deploy your custom check scripts to your Icinga agents

  3. The ansible-collection-icinga-director collection to deploy your Icinga master via the Icinga Director module

  4. An extra collection to use the Business Process module

Currently this Ansible Collection has been tested for RHEL based Distributions. However, in the future we will implement more (Molecule based) tests for other distributions too.

More links:

Collection on Ansible Galaxy

Feedback is always welcome. Please use the issue function on GitHub.