Announcing Meerkat, an new Icinga Dashboard tool

Sol1 is proud to announce the launch of Meerkat, a dashboard tool for Icinga2, just in time for community week!

Meerkat is a utility to create and share dashboards for Icinga2 checks and hosts. Meerkat a lightweight service which only requires a Go server and a small amount of javascript (only 14KB gzipped) for the frontend. It’s quick to setup and easy to use. There is an editor interface when you can set a background for a dashboard and start overlaying checks which update by polling the Icinga2 API via the Meerkat backend.

You can get Meerkat here:

It is also available on docker hub:

We welcome some feedback and usage, please give is a whirl and let us know what you think!


Is there a non-Docker install method or Makefile?

Ah yep there used to be. I have restored the original instructions, but I haven’t tested them. It should be close, but please let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

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