Alternative to Bulk Modification Tool


I am looking for solution to add (not assign via “apply rules”) new service to multiple hosts.

Using known software, and its’ “Bulk Modification Tool”, which has options to manipulate adding and removing contacts, hosts, services, templates from multiple objects (host in my case).

I tried to add using multi-select tool, that is convinient to limited amount of objects (as much, as listed on the screen; by default is 100). I need process more than 300 at the time, which means, I have several pages to scroll and repeat the same process. Nice. Can handle.

  • feautre request 1) add total amount of pages, when search is done. current indication is “< back +Add << 1 >>”, expected to see “< back +Add << 1(5) >>”.

The next issue arises, when I [add new service] to 100 hosts and hit [Add] button, error message: " Trying to recreate icinga_service ("{“host_id”:“47”,“object_name”:“FREE_by_ssh_nagios”}") (DbObject.php:823)" appears, that indicates, that this service is already added to this host. Nice. Can handle. And director gives a hint: host_id 47. Excellent. But could not understand, what the host is.

  • feature request 2) make human-readable and optionally a link to host, that already has this service added. I could open host and remove host and repeat it from beginning.
    done. removed manually, but next error message it: “Trying to recreate icinga_service (”{“host_id”:“197”,“object_name”:“FREE_by_ssh_nagios”}") (DbObject.php:823)" okay. it means that there are several hosts, that have same service. ?!

  • feature reqiest 3) list ALL affected hosts on check before [add service], at least it would be possible to went all them through and manually remove service, before batch adding. Actually, it is seeing in “services”, that services were added until first host, which already had mentioned service. I managed to remove them from Services> search “FREE_by”, multiple-select, [Delete]. List was less than hundred :slight_smile:

But that is not an option. Is there any solution, perhaps some module written (was looking for, but not found).

Please, do not recommend “apply rules” solution. I do understand what it is for. I have another task.

Thanks for your time.


I’m not sure if I can follow on the “using known software” and “multi-select tool” parts. Is that some external software you have in place?

In terms of specific feature requests, please create such on GitHub if they do not exist already.

Also, before you add more details, please always add the involved versions, e.g. from the Director itself. This allows others to better understand your environment and maybe reproduce your behaviour.


Dear Michael,

Thank you for quick reply.
By “known using software”, I meant Nagios XI. =)
By “multi-select tool” I meant, selecting (highlighting, clicking) on hosts in Director>Hosts list.

Versions are: Director 1.7.0, IcingaWeb2.7.3

I shall follow your advice and open issues on GitHub.

Cheers as well,

Ah, eXtended Income with their NagiosQL fork. Well, that’s best to be discussed on GitHub with Tom then, not much I can add to the discussion.


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I use the director api or some sort of automation with an import source and a sync rule for larger changes. The advantage of a sync rule is, that you also can bulk change them later on.