Alphabetic Order

Good afternoon.
I was looking in icinga and discovered that the services are not in alphabetic order, i would like to change that view, having that part in “Alphabetic order”.

  1. Which display are you looking at?

  2. Please give us an example of what you are seeing which is not in
    alphabetical order.

For me, both systems and services are always displayed in alphabetical order
(although this can be reversed, but no more than that).


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Screenshots might be helpful too :slight_smile:

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This is the example, the same host, same services but the order are different, in the first environment we can see the services in Alphabetic order and in the second one we have no order, how can i fix it?

Without know which view you’re looking at (ie, how you navigate to see what you see in the screenshots), should be pretty simple to sort by service name:

This screen is Hosts > Host > Services

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When im looking for a specific host to work, then i look the services in that host, i can not order that services in alphabetic order

You don’t see the dropdown like in the above photo? Can we get a full-page screenshot?

No, i don’t see the dropdown.

If you click on the Green 8 it should add the search and filter widgets, including the Sort by. Mine defaults to Service Name with or without the widget being displayed.

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I appreciate your answer, thanks. For example, if need that view by default in the services tab, how i can have it?

When you clicked the Green 8, what was the Sort by dropdown set to?

Yes, when i clicked the “sort by” is available, but i want to see the services in order without click there, as a first view. is it possible?