All switch port names are the same, problem monitoring switch

I’m monitoring 8 switches and all their port traffic with snmp, but one of them has all interfaces with the same name, so I can’t monitor the bandwidth in each individual port.


This is the host file where I put the interface name:

template Host “int-ports-alum” {
vars.snmp_interfaces[“snmp-int-port1”] = {
vars.snmp_interface = “Ethernet Interface”
vars.snmp_interface_label = “Ethernet Interface”

It’s expecting the interface name, but the switch internally uses also an Index, and I can’t use “Ethernet Interface, Index : 1”.

Ideas would be appreciated as to how you would advance.


can’t you use something like “Ethernet1/24”? At least that is the interface naming I know from Cisco and HP devices.

Other options:
Work around the naming issue by using the OID to monitor the usage with the “default” check_snmp script
As the index is the same as the last digit(s) in the OID you could create an array variable on the host where you configure the index values and the create an apply-for rule using said array variable to create a check for each index in the array.

Or get the network team to configure useable/meaningful names for the interfaces (or their description)

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Thank you for the speedy reply.

The answer was quite more easy than that, I’ve been trying out different combinations until this one worked.


Thank you for the idea!