All same values problem

Good afternoon,
I have the disadvantage that before any host that I add, I always have the same values.
It’s like it’s checking the same hosts and I think it’s checking the icinga server.

object Host “informix-prod-1” {
import “generic-host”
address = “informix-prod-1.urbano.internal”
vars.os = “Linux”

vars.disks["disk /"] = {
    disk_partitions = "/"
    disk_wfree = "50%"
    disk_cfree = "10%"
    check_interval = 5m


with this the verification called disk supposedly to informix is ​​added in the console, but the values ​​are the same for the icinga server

but it does not happen with all services, for example on the same host, the ssh verifies it correctly, I notice it because the openssh version is different

Can anyone help me please?

SSH is checked as a network service - the Icinga server connects by SSH to the
machine you specify, and reports the server version. The check is being run
on the icinga server, though.

If you want to run a service check on another machine, you need to set
command_endpoint - this is what determines where the service check is run

Object Types - Icinga 2 has
further details.


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