All "hostalive" graphs show no data (grafana with influxdb)

All graphs are working just fine but the ones with hostalive (ping4, ping6) data show “no data” no matter the time interval.
What am I doing wrong ?

For the hostalive check, make sure you’re getting metric data. Try running the following in InfluxDB itself:
select * from hostalive where time >= now() - 1m

Also, can we see your host_template config from influxdb.conf?

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are the host perf data really written to influx -> take a look on the stored measurements (query schema and data)

Did you filter on metrics (rta + pl)?
Your query statement should look like this:
SELECT mean("value") FROM "autogen"."hostalive" WHERE ("metric" = 'rta' AND "hostname" =~ /^$hostname$/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval) fill(null)

$hostname$ is a grafana variable, values will come from influxdb with SHOW TAG VALUES FROM "hostalive" WITH KEY = "hostname" -> offers a dynamic host selection for the graph.


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I guess you are using the grafana-module for icingaweb2. If yes you have to configure a graph for the command hostalive and import the provided dashboard that comes with the module. See picture for an example.

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thank you :smiley: problem solved.

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