Alerts to voice call

Hi all,
We are trying to send the Icinga2 notifications via phone calls to our on-call team. Is there a solution for doing that anywhere? We would prefer having our own GSM gateway.
So far we are contemplating having Icinga2 >>> Opsgenie (for triage) >>> something that would push the calls.

Any help on this topic is welcomed.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I remember this talk from OSMC had something to to with “on-call personell”:
OSMC 2019 | Hot Potatof by James Forman - YouTube

Here is another “on-call” talk:
OSMC 2022 | How we improved our monitoring so that everyone likes to be on-call by Daniel Uhlmann - YouTube

The whole OSMC archive: Check out our OSMC Archives!
Maybe you can find some more hints.

In general:
Icinga notifications work like plugins: It’s a script that gets triggered.
So if you can devise a mothod that sends the text output to to text-to-speech system that should work.

The only non-email or non-ticketsystem-api method I ever used was send SMS via a SMS gateway.

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Because I also prefer my own on premise GSM gateway and I already have SMSEagles for SMS-Alerts, I asked SMSEagle about it but at the moment this feature is only planned.

Right now I solved the requirement by generating calls via HTTP GET to IMASYS text2speech (Digital crisis communication | Swissphone).

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