Alert on PerfData or Multiple service per PerfData

Hello, we have custom script(plugin) to monitor device interfaces (96 of them) and few attributes of each interfaces. Script prints 5 x 96 times PerfData output which is all under single service. One of the attributes triggers the exit code.

Issue is that if there is an active “Critical” alert which is been ACK’ed. 2nd alert on different interface is not reported.

Issues could be solved by following:

(1) Alert on Performance Data. We noticed the threshold creates colored DOT but does does not create actual alert reporting the issue. Is there a way to make PerfData threshold a true alert?

(2) Somehow create service for each output of the script. Such that each interface is its own service with alerts.

Script takes advantage of bulk information pull so and we like to avoid running it 100(device) x 96 (interface) x 5(attributes) times.

We have a similar problem with capturing interfaces and disks, however I don’t believe there is a way to resolve this without creating individual services (which is what we did using apply-for rules and storing an array of relevant disks/interfaces on the host object).

You could enable re-notification, but this would duplicate all alerts on each check interval, and you would need to filter it out duplicates in your alerting platform.

Thanks Liam, I figured as I was not able to find any solution online. Its a shame as I liked this tool but have to look elsewhere.