Akismet deleted my post

Hi, I’ve posted a question this afternoon and the result was: Akismet has hidden your post or something similar. What I am supposed to do now?

Someone from the staff members aparently reviewed my post and it’s online now. Thanks a lot someone from the staff :heart: !

I had the same issue with my post https://community.icinga.com/t/icingaweb2-with-nginx-and-oauth2-proxy/11775.
So dear @staff please be so kind to unhide it :slight_smile:

Hey there,

our spam filter has been very eager lately and it’s been a public holiday where most of our moderation team is. Sorry for that!
Both should be live now :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks a lot @theFeu !
Enjoy holidays!

Appologies for bothering you again in the middle of Easter holidays @theFeu but I forgot to mention that I am now unable to edit my post probably because I have a time limit to do this after my forst post.
I need to remove my company’s name which is in there by mistake. Can I PM you somehow to point this out to you or give me back the edit permission for a while to fix it?