Air conditioner - active checks using SNMP (or KNX, Modbus, BACnet) etc


Today I did some research and noticed that air conditioner monitoring is not very well supported. It seems most check temperature using hardware like HWg-STE but this is a passive test. I would like to check the air conditioner directly, using SNMP for example (just like the STE).

I got a test setup featuring the Panasonic CS-E12PKEA with IntesisHome (click) attached to it. IntesisHome is WLAN-only (did’nt even manage to connect it to a simple WPA2 network - connection issue, other story).
It does not provide SNMP but web scraping might work - not very satisfying. The whole product is designed to work only with Intesis cloud services - completely unacceptable.

This module is far away from a product like HWg-STE in regards to monitoring integration.

I’m no air conditioner expert, is there any better solution available? Anything that works with GLT/P-Link (if that’s how it’s called)?

Seems like the connector is actually named CN-CNT.
Looks like everybody uses passive checks like temperature and humidity(?). At least I did not find any info about others who tried that.

Browsing the net, I’m unable to find any related hardware. Looks like, a modbus interface would be the best fit for this (with an expensive 520€ per interface, ex. KAUT PAW-AC-MBS-1).

Is there anything else that would work?