Aggregation of notifications


I have no idea of how to implement the following.

Let’s assume I have a service which checks many websites running on the same host.
Now all of this webservices create an error, when checked.
Notifications are sent for each service.

Is it possible / how is it possible to only send 1 notification, not one for each webservice, when an error occurs?
Something like “grouping” or “aggregation” of the notification.

What I would like to accomplish is to prevent an unneccessary flood of notifications.

Sorry if this was previously asked, can’t find something.

Thanks in advance.



just an idea:
instead of sending mails directly, you could rebuild the notification script to push the messages in a cache, db, spool or whatever. And from there you read out the message each x minutes and create a mail with collected messages

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Hi Stevie,

thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

This would be an option, if there is no other (native) possibility.


If they logically are based on each other or if there is a general check like http protocol dependencies could be an option.

Another idea would be using a wrapper like check_multi so everything is aggregated into one check.

Or you can just not enable notifications for the single services and build an additional one using Icinga DSL like this: Advanced Topics - Icinga 2

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Thanks, this helps a lot.


I aggregated notifications two years ago using unofficial icinga-notificator script from Jakub Stollmann. It cooperates with elastic search and uses icinga-beat to communicate with ES.
I wish you good luck

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Hi Lukáš,

thank you!

I solved this for me by an extra (dummy) service which checks the results of other services.
Since this a special requirement for only one (sub-)group of services, this is good enough for the moment.

But your answer shows an interesting solution if there will be further requirements in the future.