Agent Setup Best Practices

I am looking for some guidance on best practices for agent configuration.

When I first setup my Icinga server I manually added some servers to be monitored using the remote agent install. This worked fine.

As I got my AWS imports working correctly some of those same machines that I added manually were now getting imported automatically, which I am not against.

I have Host Template called Standard Server Health Check that has the services defined that I want monitored.

I have a second Host Template called AWS Servers (Canada/US) and I have included the Standard Server Health Check template as an import.

This is correctly applying the template to the imported hosts, however I am ending up in the situation where I have the same host entered twice. Once from my manual entry and once from the auto import.

I would be okay to just delete my manual entry, except that the services are not correctly reporting for the one added automatically.

Auto Added Instance

Manually Added Instance

Do I need to re-install/setup the Icinga agent on the remote server and delete the manual entry?

For additional context a server I added only through the automatic import and was never configured as a manual entry works as expected. I’m just having this issue with the hosts I originally added manually.

Just looking for guidance on this before I go breaking things.


So I ran the Agent deployment script from the new host and it sync’d up the services.
I think this is the right course of action, but input if another way is recommended is appreciated.