Agent satellite master connection


I need some help, I took a wrong turn somewhere. :thinking:
I have a HA Master Setup with one Satellite and tried to connect an Agent to the Satellite. So I ran the node wizard and signed the certificate by the master. Then I configured the zones.conf on the Master and Satellite, that they both know about their new Agent. With the configured zones.conf I ran the Kickstart Assistant and thereby added a new Endpoint and Zone.

With this config the Agent ran his own checks, but only if I havnt set the field “run on agent” for the services.
It seems more like a new Satellite connected to the old Satellite as parent.
Does the Agent even get his own zone in Icingaweb?

I added this part to the Master and Satellite zones.conf for the agent:

object Endpoint "icinga-agent" {
host = "<ipadress>"

object Zone "agent-zone" {
        endpoints = [ "icinga-agent" ]
        parent = "icinga-satellite"

Do I need to create Cluster Zones? Or how could I get running Agent connected to the Satellite? :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Problem doesn’t exist any more.
Is solved by rerunning the node wizard and “upgrading” the agent to a satellite. I kept the agent zone name for the satellite, due to the already imported Zone in Icingaweb. After the node wizard I just started the kickstart assistant in Icingaweb, which created the necessary config and Endpoint.

With this config I just bypassed the satellite between the master and agent. All in all maybe not the cleanest solution, but an option as an Icinga beginner. :sweat_smile: