Agent not starting after updating

a few days ago I’ve updated all of my Icinga2 agents (Linux & Windows) to the newest version (2.13.0-1). Everything went well, exept 1 CentOS 7 Server. After updating icinga wasn’t able to start anymore.
[2021-08-09 07:54:33 +0200] critical/ApiListener: Cannot bind TCP socket for host ‘::’ on port ‘5665’: open: Address family not supported by protocol
(0) Activating object ‘api’ of type ‘ApiListener’

[2021-08-09 07:54:33 +0200] critical/ApiListener: Cannot add listener on host ‘::’ for port ‘5665’.
(0) Activating object ‘api’ of type ‘ApiListener’

Bevore the update the Server could open port 5665 for ::.

Someone else having this problem? Wether or not, can someone help me please?

Best regards, Dominik

Please refer to:

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Hello nexo,
thanks for your answer. Setting the bind_host to in api.conf fixed my problem.
Best regards, Dominik Jantos