Agent dynamic IP


In a Host config, we need to put the IP of the host, how do you handle host config when the host is using DHCP and never have the same IP?

You could let the client initiate the connection

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yeah but what about the “hostalive” ?

What do you want to check is “alive”?

If you can define that, Icinga can monitor it.

If you don’t have a fixed IP address, or a dynamic DNS update, Icinga doesn’t
know what you’re asking it to watch.

Another way to ask the same question - how do you log in to this machine from

If you can access it, then Icinga can.



If we need to log in, we need to check in the DHCP lease for it…

Can we do something like, if cluster zone agent is connected then hostalive = true? :wink:

I mean, I don’t mind to mark the host as UP if the zone is connected…

As far as I know you could use the build in “agent-health” as the host check command.

In addition to that I would recommend using DNS instead of checking the DHCP leases. There are some DHCP server that automatically create/update DNS records whenever a client gets a new IP - e.g. the windows DHCP can do that.

agent-health command give me an error but I used cluster-zone command and it works! :wink: