After IcingaWeb2 Upgrade to 2.11.1 Director Error

Hello Icinga-Communitiy,

After I upgraded to the newest IcingaWeb2 version, everything looked fine.
Then I realized that the director module throwed an error.

It is not possible to go any further than this - it doesnt matter wich path I try to use (Hosts, Services etc.)

Here are some relevant Informations:
Ubuntu 20.04.5
Icinga 2.13.5-1
Incubator 0.18
Director 1.10.0

Do you know how to fix this error?

Thanks and warm greetings

I updated the incubator right after IcingaWeb2.
I dont now why, but the “zfdb” folder was missing in the new incubator module path.

After I recovered this folder from the old incubator package everything worked fine.


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