Advice for hardware requirement

I want to monitor 8000 devices by snmp on average with a polling interval of 300 seconds.
Can you help me? What hardware requirements are needed (CPU, RAM, disk) for Icinga master, mysql to efficiently monitor my devices.


One important datum missing from your question is “what do you mean by

In other words, how much data are you intending to collect from each device
every 300 seconds?

At one extreme it could be “uptime” for each device; at the other it could be
“the MAC address table and bandwidth usage for each port on a 96 port switch”.

So, you want to monitor 8000 things every 5 minutes - how much data do you
want to get each time?


Checking every 300 seconds uptime of switches and routers.

I would say that that falls into the “trivial” category, and you can do this
on anything that can run Icinga itself to your satisfaction.

I would be surprised if you can’t do this on a Raspberry Pi, as far as real-
time data collection is concerned.

My guess at the network bandwidth involved is:

  • 100 bytes per measurement
  • 8000 devices
  • sampling rate = every 300 seconds

100 × 8000 = 800 kbytes every 300 seconds = 2.7 kbytes/sec = 27 kbps

Almost immeasurable. You’ll be using more bandwidth watching Icingaweb2
(which can also work perfectly well on a Raspberry).


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