Adding services to service set via API?

Hi folks,

I am currently writing an ansible playbook to automate new service check configuration via the Director API. I have been able to create up the service group, service set, service checks and commands and host templates via said API.

However, I am stuck when it comes to associating services to the service set and associating the service set to my host template.

Is there a Rest API function url for these or a is it a feature I have missed. I had thought of Service Apply rules but not sure if this was the wrong direction.

Thank you in advance

AFAIK the REST API can be used to modify and create objects, but no apply rules or specific service sets.

Thank you for the response. :slight_smile:

Ended up changing tact and went with creating service apply rules through ansible uri module. Means I can also “tag” systems with a role that applies the checks.

Just wish it was as easy to edit service apply rules via API as the other components :wink:

Create a feature request on GitHub then :slight_smile:

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Are there any news about this ?
Anyone create the feature request?

I never created a feature request I going to try to do it.

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Emilio J.

Hi guys! Any progress with this feature?
Will be cool to create a service set with services via REST API.