Adding multiple Hosts/Agents at once

Hello and greetings everybody.
I am pretty new to Icinga2 so i am very sorry if this question has an obvious solution and i just havent found it yet.
Following Situation:
We have a few Servers that are Hosting many Virtual Machines through VMware and we would like to use Icinga2 as our new Monitoring solution to Monitor out VMs.
We allready have set up Icinga2, the Director and the VSphere module which imported out VMs and its running a simple ping check on most of them.
However, we would of course want to Monitor many more things. I have read the Documentation regarding installing agents on the monitored Endpoints to get more specific Checks, however manually Installing the Windows Agent (we host linux as well, most of it a are Windows systems however) on over 500 Virtual Machines seems a bit much. I am sure there must be a simpler solution for this Problem, i do seem to have some trouble finding it though. Could anyone please simply point me in the right direction so i can learn more?
Thank you for your Time and again sorry if this has an obvious Answer allready.

Deploying agents is typically a job for any kind of devops solutions e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Saltstack etc. You’ll find many examples on github.