Adding host to IcingaDB

I think maybe I am not fully understanding how IcingaDB (looks great by the way) integrates with an existing install.

I managed to get IcingaDB up and running fairly easily, but I assumed that all of my existing hosts would appear on the new interface, but I guess this is not true because it’s a different database?

So how can I add a new host, that will display in IcingaDB? Can I use the director for this?

Thank you!

Icinga 2.12 (RC1) comes with a writer for Icinga DB (feature icingadb), which does the very same as the already existing IDO writers. Documentation is here:

Hi, icinga2 -V gives me:

icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: r2.12.0-rc1-1)

So I believe I am already on the right version.

Did you enable the icingadb feature? Is Icinga able to connect to Icinga DB’s redis? Is Icinga DB able to connect to it’s own redis and the mysql database?

Thanks for your help!

The icingadb module is enabled (via icingaweb).

On the Redis tab of the module, validate cinfiguration returns The configuration has been successfully validated.

icingadb resource has been added and validate configuration returns The configuration has been successfully validated.

Command transport has been configured and returns The configuration has been successfully validated.

I did see a red error bar at the bottom of icingaweb at one point saying that something was not writing to Icinga DB? But I accidently closed the error message and haven’t seen it since.

The error came back up again:

As far as I can see the database is correctly set up and connected, but I must have done something wrong because I get this: