Adding additional checks - make use of provided .conf files?

Hello icinga community,

I am running a icinga master cluster, with shared configurtion on a smb host and I already added some raspberrys as satellite endpoints.

The raspberrys should perfom a SNMP check against MikroTik capACs and Switches. Therefore I testet the check_snmp which works without any issues. I also found the following additional checks:

which combines some snmp request in one plugin.

I put the in the plugins directory and installed the necessary perl packages. (on the pi and on the two icinga masters). A test in console looks pretty promissing. But now I am wondering if there is a way to introduce the check command to icinga agent, maybe with the already existing *.conf file which is provided in the git repositroy?

With the installation of the perl dependencies it seems that there are checks added automatically in the list in icinga director, or I am wrong here?
Is it possible to import those conf file into the director, or do I have to add fields manually an add them to the check command, which I also have to insert manually?
The conf file seems to has the same syntax and structure like the director would create, if a add the fields manually…

Long story short, is there a way to add check commands with help of the *.conf files provided?

Thank you for your ideas and have a nice day!

Greetingz from Germany,