Add Prometheus Metrics to visualize them in icingaweb2

Dear Icinga community,

I would like to integrate Prometheus metrics into icinga2, so that I finally don’t have to look at two monitoring Systems (Prometheus & icingaweb2).
Is there a good practice to solve this?

So far i could find this:
and this: whereas this is a icinga2 import to prometheus which is not really what I want.

Does someone already have experiences with combining prometheus with icinga?


Hello and Welcome

If you want to use prometheus as your data-store and read the data into icinga, then you may want to look at the icinga exchange to see if anyone wrote something for that.

I wrote a plugin that uses Prometheus node/statd exporter and is used as a check command in Icinga to present the values:

I hope that is what you need.


Hello @aflatto,
thanks a lot for your reply. I guess it will help me a lot someday later.
For now I decided to use just both interfaces. :slight_smile:

Hi Max

Did you check out the icingaweb2 grafana module?

We use this one in combination with the opsdis icinga2-exporter

Johannes @ Opsdis

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