Add plugin to MySQL group Replication

Is there any predefined check for mysql group replication for icinga2?


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Did you search on already if there’s a MySQL check which would qualify for that? Maybe check_mysql_health can do so already :slight_smile:

Either way, it would also be worthwhile to get to know the tables and metrics available from MySQL itself, and write a plugin by yourself. Or you use the existing plugins, IIRC check_mysql_health allows to write custom SQL queries too.

The MySQL docs provide a hint about this.


Thank you for your quick response. Really appreciate that. Can we check “Group Replication’s” health using “check_mysql_health” function ??

Thank you

I honestly don’t know, try it with the given pointers - I searched a bit on Google myself, I have never done that in production.


Thank you very much for your support.We will try to get this from a query.