Add new satellite zone to existing HA cluster

i’d like to know how to add a new satellite zone with 2 satellites to an exiting cluster with 2 masters. i’ve read the docs but it seem like they are all geared towards the initial cluster set up (which we already have using ansible).

our set up has 2 HA masters, 4 satellite zones (each with 2 sat servers) but i want to add a 5th satellite zone (with 2 sat servers) to the existing cluster.

also how about the possibility of remove a sat server from a satellite zone and adding a new one to take it’s place

everything you have to do is to write the new zones and endpoints in /etc/icinga2/zones.conf like you configure your cluster the first time and everything is written from the devs in After reloading the icinga2 daemon the nodes should communicate.



I can also recommend to extend your ansible playbooks if you already have the masters being set up via ansible.

I guess you use the node-wizard to configure the icinga nodes? If yes, it probably looks like this:

sudo icinga2 node setup \
  --master \
  --cn my-node-name \
  --disable-confd \
  --zone xxx-masters

So to add a satellite just omit the --master and add the parent zone argument for example.

Having this configurable allows you to setup master and satellite notes with the same or at least very similiar playbooks. :slight_smile: