Add additional IP address to ICINGA2

We have ICINGA 1.10 and migrating it to 2.10.5.

We have certain hosts that have network route available from ICINGA 1.10. Is it possible and OK to add its IP address to ICINGA2 server and the hosts will have then have connectivity with ICINGA2.


It is possible to define additional IP address as part of the variables of the host {vars dictionary} and then define the checks to use those variable for the service definition, but it meas you will need to define an apply service for each additional variable you define for these hosts.

As for the routing, those are not handled by icinga itself, but on the network definition you provide the host OS.


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Can you explain what kind of route this is?

Is it a host route to make the Icinga monitoring reachable for each monitored host?
Explicit management network with own network interface?

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Hello Manfred,

The routes are defined on the network firewall and not on the OS side. Its just the ping monitors which are failing from ICINGA2. Both ICINGA1 and ICINGA2 are on same subnet.

So you have to add the IPā€™s from your Icinga2 nodes to the firewall rules which are used by Icinga1, then the checks should work.