Add 2 check_period in 1 service


My problem :
We have our backup that “skims” our machines for 2 minutes at night from 10pm to 1am or so which generates lots of alerts. Our alerts are configured so that every 30 seconds 1 alert is sent. The 2 minutes of frieze send alerts

We want to know if it is possible to keep our 30seconds configuration during the day, and to have a more flexible alert configuration during this period from 10pm to 1am (e.g.: every 5minutes check the service status, etc).
I already tested to put 2 timeperiod in a service by changing the values but it didn’t work, the default service was taking 1 timeriod and not the one that corresponded to the right time slot… thanks!

Hi @tcolin
Did you already think about configuring a recurring downtime for this?