Activity Log after first installation


I just installed Icinga Director and got 227 changes in the Activity Log (check attachment). I could deploy these but I am not sure what would happen.

My goal is to get more comfortable with Icinga Director but to keep the manuel configuration running.

  • We use Icinga 2 with a manual configuration right now.
  • I would like to continue to be able to use the manual configuration in parallel. Is that possible?
  • What would happen if I would deploy it? Wouldn’t I have the same configuration twice?
  • I haven’t found any more information in the documentation about that first step?


the initial activity log is nothing to be scared of, the director just creates tons of command templates for you to use as well as some other things.

You can hapily deploy them all and if something does not work roll the changes back.

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It is not recommended nor best practice, since you will run into the problem with duplicated objects from two sources. If you split things up into e.g. managing certain commands or notification apply rules outside the Director, you can go that advanced route.

For starters, I would recommend to choose either one or the other direction. If you want to start learning and playing with the Director, I’d recommend to build a staging environment, or use a VM (Vagrant Box for example) to play around and test your later migration to the Director.

In terms of the initial changes - the Director kickstart wizard imports specific object types from the core’s REST API on the first start. This generates a couple of templates and other stuff making the work with Director a breeze.

One important thing to note - these imports mark these objects as external sources, and as such, they won’t be deployed. You can look into the Deployments tab and render the configuration which should be deployed, that gives you a good indication on what’s going to be changed in reality with a unified diff.


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