Access Denied for windows-update metric

I have added windows-update metric & got the access-denied error… After digging i have noticed the following information.

This is caused by the fact that the Icinga2 Service (on Windows) is running under the “Network Services” Account which doesn’t have access to the WUA API.
After changing the Service to use “Local System Account” the check returns the correct results.

I am now thinking to add group policy to add icinga2 user as local admin on all the remote boxes. what kind of access icinga2 user should have to all get all kinds of metrics… Can you please advise?


the update check requires additional grants in order to communicate with the WU API. To my knowledge, this is the only plugin we provide with Icinga needing this. If you create/download other plugins with such requirements, check them beforehand.

I know nothing about policies, but it sounds like a good idea. Do that on a test VM first.


Thanks for your response Michael