2 Masters - Config Master and Non-Config Master - Pros and Cons


In a setup where there is one Config master and another secondary master (without configs ), I’m looking for the pros and cons of this setup in terms of administration , availability and performance.

I understand the configs is based on a single host and would need manual configuration on the secondary in case of the config master failure. The seconday master is essentially run time HA master.

What responsibilitites are shares between them? I read that notifications is one of them but don’t know how exactly that is shared…

What about the performance overhead in comparision with just a single node?

Please advise

Any comments please


Please read the docs, it answer basically all of your questions:

Technical Concepts:

As for the performance part here are my thoughts:
Single Node: Config will deploy a bit faster
HA: Will work if (e.g.) the config master crashes.

You will have to test specifics yourself I guess and figure out if you want to go the more minimal or the more reliable approach.

Administration: It’s obvious I’d say: More server = more administration (if not fully automated)

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