2 "columns" of custom array data

Hello, I’m trying to get my head around repurposing a check command to use the same command with different arguments for each service check.

What I need to do is have a host able to repeatedly use a command such as;

command -arg1 GroupN -arg2 ValueN

…having one service for each value of N, where N is drawn from the following table;

Group1 Value1
Group1 Value2
Group1 Value3
Group2 Value1
Group2 Value2

I’ve taken a look into (https://icinga.com/docs/director/latest/doc/14-Fields-example-interfaces-array) but I can’t see a way to add the above custom data.

It’s not the end of the world if this is not possible, I suppose I could add a host for each “GroupN” but I wondered if it could be done?