2.11 Zone Sync with Director

Hi all,

I’ve seen a few threads on this already but didn’t want to hijack someone else’s post.

We’ve rolled out a fresh dual-master Icinga 2.11.2-1 deployment with fresh installs of IcingaWeb and Director.

I’m trying to understand how zones should be configured - previously our ‘master’ zone was configured in the zones.conf and any additional satellite zones were created in Director.

If I am reading correctly, this was never supposed to work and Zones/Endpoints should be created in the zones.conf file, however I just want to confirm this is the correct method, as we only seem to be having problems on our second master - config from Director seems to work fine on the primary master.

So going forward - all satellite zones and satellite zone endpoints should be added to zones.conf manually (or with other automation) and then imported into Director as External Objects?

Yes, absolutely correct.